David Yonkin, LCSW-R
I received my Master's in Clinical Social Work from New York University in 2001, and am in private practice as a licensed and credentialed psychotherapist.   One of those over-educated persons, I have other degrees and certifications in music, art history, fine arts, herbalism, computer graphics, and journalism.

I have lived in New York City for over 30 years, and so have a deep and abiding sense of this amazing city that I adore, having seen and survived more than I sometimes care to remember, including the AIDS epidemic which claimed so many. My work with anxiety and depression, death and dying, grief and loss arises directly from this experience, as does my focus on substance abuse recovery and sexual addictions. I have a strong understanding of the 12-Step Program and work with  people in early recovery, and with those with more sobriety time who seek to strengthen the deeper spiritual aspects of their program.

Anger is one of the most widely-experienced of feelings, and yet one of the least liked or understood. I like it because it's a very healthy expression of self, and an important aspect to help us navigate our day-to-day life. It is vastly different from rage, which is not healthy. I work with patients to help them understand the difference between rage and anger, and then how to incorporate that understanding into their lives.

I have many years of experience working as a clinician and consultant for a private employee assistance program on Wall Street, interfacing with employees, managers, and their Human Resources across the globe — I'm well-versed with the grief, fear and trauma arising from downsizing or the threat of it, while being faced with decimated departments and added responsibilities and hours.  Many are faced with difficult decisions about the current job, and my wish is that any decisions are made from as clear a mind as possible.  I have a certification in life coaching, which is quite useful when working to seek such clarity and support change.

Having a deeply spiritual commitment to myself, I explore, study and utilize various meditation and  contemplative techniques — sometimes called "mindful awareness" among other things — in my own life and in my therapy practice. I have privately studied Celtic Shamanism and Jungian dreamwork, and have a certification in Consciousness Studies from The Monroe Institute in Virginia.  For many years I have interfaced with other professionals in research and development in what might be termed  "paranormal phenomena." 

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