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Insecurity motivates many of our choices, moving us out of alignment with our True Self.  We want to be able to consciously respond, rather than negatively react to situations. We resist change, yet still expect others to change. Therapy can help to increase consciousness and decrease anxiety, worry, and fear. It has been seen that our life transforms according to how we think about it. But first we have to learn exactly how we think before we can try to transform our thinking. It takes time, but it's worth it, because then our life moves in the direction we want. We begin to feel better, rather than worse, and can now consciously move back into alignment.

Our lives change constantly — we all know this obvious truth.  So it seems strange that while we say we want to change, we often resist it as hard as we can, while expecting others to change instead.

While the experiences of transformation provide greater insight into the unseen cosmos of which we are an inseparable part, they also offer opportunities for personal expansion and growth of our individuality. Like the "Flat Earthers" of old, we become afraid to go beyond the edge, to explore the New Worlds awaiting us. The opportunities to move forward often go unnoticed due to unconscious — and even conscious — personal blocks and defenses, including anxiety and worry, depression, shyness, self-doubt, over-aggrandizement, anger and frustration — all which hinder greater immersion into the life experience, as well as stalling personal evolution.

One’s past may contain less-than-positive physical, mental, emotional, psychological and even spiritual experiences that have become entrenched in the present life, forming barriers that keep us from achieving significant forward movement in our life, and even preventing us from finding and keeping healthy relationships. How do we identify these walls; what can we do about them?

I would like to help.


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