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I'm so sorry to say that I'm currently not taking new patients right now - but this could change soon. If  you're interested in discussing possible therapy or getting on a waiting list, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be very glad to speak with you.

Our lives change constantly — we all know this obvious truth.  So it seems strange that while we say we want to change, we often resist it as hard as we can, while expecting others to change instead. Insecurity motivates many of our choices, moving us out of alignment with our True Self.  We want to be able to consciously respond, rather than negatively react to situations. Therapy can help to increase consciousness and decrease anxiety, worry, and fear. It has been seen that our life transforms according to how we think about it. But first we have to learn exactly how we think before we can try to transform our thinking. It takes time, but it's worth it, because then our life moves in the direction we want. We begin to feel better, rather than worse, and can now consciously move back into alignment.

While the experiences of transformation provide greater insight into the unseen cosmos of which we are an inseparable part, they also offer opportunities for personal expansion and growth of our individuality. Like the "Flat Earthers" of old, we become afraid to go beyond the edge, to explore the New Worlds awaiting us. The opportunities to move forward often go unnoticed due to unconscious — and even conscious — personal blocks and defenses, including anxiety and worry, depression, shyness, self-doubt, over-aggrandizement, anger and frustration — all which hinder greater immersion into the life experience, as well as stalling personal evolution. 

One’s past may contain less-than-positive physical, mental, emotional, psychological and even spiritual experiences that have become entrenched in the present life, forming barriers that keep us from achieving significant forward movement in our life, and even preventing us from finding and keeping healthy relationships. How do we identify these walls; what can we do about them?

I would like to help.


About Me

I received my Master's in Clinical Social Work from New York University in 2001, and am in private practice as a licensed andcredentialed psychotherapist.   One of those over-educated persons, I have other degrees and certifications in music, art history, fine arts, herbalism, computer graphics, and journalism.

I have lived in New York City for over 30 years, and so have a deep and abiding sense of this amazing city that I adore, having seen and survived more than I sometimes care to remember, including the AIDS epidemic which claimed so many. My work with anxiety and depression, death and dying, grief and loss arises directly from this experience, as does my focus on substance abuse recovery and sexual addictions. I have a strong understanding of the 12-Step Program and work with  people in early recovery, and with those with more sobriety time who seek to strengthen the deeper spiritual aspects of their program. 

Anger is one of the most widely-experienced of feelings, and yet one of the least liked or understood. I like it because it's a very healthy expression of self, and an important aspect to help us navigate our day-to-day life. It is vastly different from rage, which is not healthy. I work with patients to help them understand the difference between rage and anger, and then how to incorporate that understanding into their lives.


I Work With:

  • Adults: Individuals (18+).
  • Depression:  When we're depressed, the future seems lost, the past becomes a frozen land of irredeemable mistakes, and we stop building in the present. We feel well and energetic when we are building and creating. Our time together will explore and find ways to get unstuck and move.  I work well with psychiatrists when medications are involved.
  • General Anxiety Disorder: Many people are experiencing increased anxiety, escalating to panic attacks.  When the energy of anxiety becomes "disordered" — meaning we can't process it anymore,  it often morphs into depression, settling into the body and decreasing motivation to engage in life. So working with anxiety means also working on depression.  We work with the energies at hand, while I incorporate many aspects of enlightened models or neurological "reconsolidation" that has recently emerged.
  • Anger & Rage:  Most of us are taught that these two very different things are on the same spectrum, with anger on the low end and rage an escalation of it; this is not the case. As odd as it sounds, anger is a very healthy emotion, while rage is an unhealthy developmental processing issue. Psychoeducation about both are often integrated into most therapy situations.
  • Substance abuse: Particularly alcohol, prescription meds and pot - 12-Step sensitive and knowledgeable. I work with psychiatrists who specialize in addiction issues when medication might be considered as part of treatment.
  • Issues of spirituality: possible metaphysical insights and paranormal experiences that may arise from depression, stress, and grief and bereavement, or just plain old life.
  • LGBTQ Communities: Coming out, spirituality, dating, sex, bonding, marriage, family and relationship issues.
  • Sexuality and sexual orientation: There is a vast galaxy of possibilities concerning who we are attracted to, and in what ways.
  • Issues of gender identity:  A Gender Specialist, I am a fully certified GEI Professional (Global Education Initiative) Member of WPATH (The World Professional Association for Transgender Health) — a global organization of trans-care providers. Like sexual orientation, I see no limits on the possibilities of gender expression.  Not everyone is looking for major changes, but for those who are, I partner with endocrinologists, surgeons, support spouses and families, while providing assessments, letters of recommendation for hormone therapy and surgeries, treatment and aftercare plans and advocacy for gender affirming transitions. I am well-networked with many professionals in the field. Crossdressers welcome!
  • Polyamorous Communities:  For relationship constellations that go beyond the binary.
  • Kink/BDSM: You know who you are.
  • Artists, musicians, actors: Empty and lost, with or without a part to play? My office is in the Broadway Theater district. My own past experiences in the theater and music worlds gives me insights into the dynamics of ultra-sensitive show people.
  • Life Coaching: Integration of concrete life issues with analysis and practical guidance from a therapeutic stance.
  • Employee/Employer/Employment:  For the under-motivated, the harassed, the about-to-be-downsized, the ready-to-transform.

Payment and Contact


  • My current fee is negotiable  on a sliding scale.
  • Out-Of-Network: The patient pays the therapist the fee, and then submits a claims request to the insurance company, which then reimburses you. I can also submit it for you.
  • Insurances Taken:
  • United Health
  • BlueCross/BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • Single Case Agreements

My times for insurance-based patients are mostly filled; however I am still taking new patients on an out-of-network/sliding scale basis.

My very cozy light-and-plant-filled office is located at 56th Street & Broadway at Columbus Circle. It has an amazing view of Broadway and Times Square from the 30th Floor.

I currently am in the office on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Sessions are 45 minutes and are by appointment only. 


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